Turning back to my heavenly Father

I was brought up in a Christian family, and went to church every Sunday. As I grew I was involved in youth ministry, Sunday School teaching, and many other ministries. I was engaged to a fellow youth leader, and then one day he simply said the words to me that no one wants to hear, “I do not love you anymore”. This sent my world spiralling out of control. You see, the reason was that from the age of 9 to 16 I had been sexually abused by someone I trusted, and no one would believe me.

I decided then that I would leave my home, in Australia, and travel 10,000 miles to start again. The problem was, though, that I got involved in drugs and gambling. I lost tens of thousands of pounds. Everything fell apart. I hit beyond rock bottom; depression set in; I wanted to take my own life. Then the voice of God spoke to me and said, “But I love you”.

I have made a complete turn back to my Father. I am slowly getting on my feet financially, and I believe that God will restore to me what ‘the locust have eaten’.