Your stories

Countless stories of redemption are told every day, all over the world. Each story is different, and each story describes how redemption changed the worlds of ordinary, every day individuals like you and me.

Written Testimonies

Through the darkest valleys

I knew Jesus briefly as a teenager, through my sister, but I chose a path of drinking, smoking and one-night stands. I had an abortion at 16. I then completely turned my back on God for 15 years, and thought Christianity was boring. By my

Never too late

I was brought up to know of Jesus in a Christian household. At the age of 17 I ran away with a boyfriend, who was on the run from the police, from home to the Isle of Wight. My parents didn’t know if I was

A brand new life

My story starts in Italy: a nice house, a beautiful marriage and a perfect job at the airport. I had not been feeling well and my doctor diagnosed me with stage 4 breast cancer (stage 5, you’re dead). I had two years of special treatment

Finances restored

Two years ago I stepped into a casino for the first time. I guess it was curiosity that led me inside. I was already a well-established Christian and was serving every weekend at Church, and was in charge of a team. The first time I

Encountering God’s love

Last summer I was in a horrible place, I had had a tough time the year before. I had lost some friends at school who I thought genuinely liked me. It really knocked my confidence and one of them said stuff about me that made

I knew there was more to life

I was brought up in a Christian home where, from an early age, I was introduced to God and wholeheartedly, from the early age of 5 years, believed in God. My knowledge and experience of God, looking back at it, was quite religious, but despite

Raised in church

I was born and raised in the church. I think a lot of people who have the same story as me would argue that they don’t have much of a story to tell. But I’ve realised that, the fact that I’m still in church and

Redeemed from a path of destruction

I was on a path of destruction. During my childhood I had experienced a lot of abuse and rejection. It made me feel really angry. When I was 17, after a custody battle between my parents, the judge put me in a boarding school. I

Finding the reality of God

I was practically born into church, but the highlight for me was not God – no, the highlight was the pink wafers found on the biscuit plate at the end of the service! I knew God was there, somewhere, but He was more like a

Walking away from gang culture

I’ve always known that God existed and Jesus Christ was Lord and Saviour, as I had grown up in a church, and my father is a pastor. However, this didn’t always mean that I was living a life that acknowledged and declared His glory. I

Single parent; new home, marriage and life

As a single parent I went through some really hard times and challenges. I had lived in a pregnancy hostel with my new born son, who was premature at birth. I stayed there for over a year until I was able to move to a

From the depths of rejection, to knowing worth

I married at 16 and had two little girls. My husband constantly had affairs and was extremely violent, and abused me in many different ways. At 22 years old I escaped his clutches, went into hiding and had three different attempts made on my life.

Living life with a new purpose

The day I let Jesus into my life was the day I started the best friendship of all time. I was overwhelmed by the force of it. I had no idea how much my life would change that day. A good friend of mine invited

Finding a place to fit in

Around this time last year, I was a mess. I felt depressed all the time to the point I was convinced I had a mental illness and asked my mum to take me to the doctor. She would never let me because she knew it

Redefining the good life

Four years ago I had, what I thought, was a good life. My wife and I had decent jobs and we have two great kids. I was also helping in the community and making progress with some life goals, like starting my own business. We

Found true love

I had reached a place in my life where I had no friends around me, and a relationship I was in had broken down. I spent a weekend crying, wanting solid and trustworthy friendships and a life worth living. A colleague at work suggested what

Healed from Hodgkins Disease and memory loss

I was diognosed with Hodgkins Disease when our eldest daughter was born in 1982. Neither my husband or I were Christians and I became really angry with God – if He loved people so much then why was I suffering and facing this? I got

Turning back to my heavenly Father

I was brought up in a Christian family, and went to church every Sunday. As I grew I was involved in youth ministry, Sunday School teaching, and many other ministries. I was engaged to a fellow youth leader, and then one day he simply said

Redundancy, to answered prayer

It was a year where I was back at home with my parents, due to a failed marriage. My dad was suffering from cancer that had returned and was now deemed ‘inoperable’; he would later die in the December of that year. My sisters’ husband,

No fixed moral compass

Generally I had always considered my life to be acceptable; I worked hard, earned well and had a large friendship group. I was in my late 20’s when I had two major revelations in one night. The first was that my decisions, good or bad,

From religion to relationship

I was brought up a Catholic, but I never had a personal relationship with God, or even knew I could! Growing up my Dad was always very strict and not outwardly affectionate and, at 15 years of age, I believed that he didn’t love me.

Serious condition healed

I became a Christian at a really early age and one thing that I have carried with me from as young as the age of 5 is the very conscious knowledge of Jesus Christ as MY great physician. I was born with a medical condition

Battling destructive behaviour

Useless, rubbish, failure, constant abuse inside my head. I couldn’t even say that I hated myself because I literally saw myself as nothing, not even worth hating. Every day was just a period of time that had to pass before the next day, an endless

I have my life back now

Growing up I was disconnected from my family – I felt I’d been let down, abandoned by the very ones who were meant to be my world. I was sent to live with my Aunt and her family. The joy and togetherness they shared only served

Pathway to redemption

God was always very real to me and He knocked loudly at my door throughout my childhood and adult years before, at the age of 30, I gave my life to Him. Throughout my unsaved years I have countless memories of Him very clearly speaking

Broken free from gambling

I was in a troubled, sad time in my life, desperately searching for someone or something. My marriage had fallen apart when my wife left me. On reflection I see now that she realised that life without me would be better; we had financial difficulties,

Broken teenager, restored

I came to know God as a young teenager after my dad had persuaded me to come to church. I had grown up too fast and tried things your shouldn’t have at that age! I smoked, drank, had tried drugs and was dating people way

Fight for healthy body

We’d been praying for six years for a new kidney, and in mid-January I was called into QA hospital as I was to receive the long-awaited kidney. From the moment I was returned to the ward the doctors were amazed at the performance of the

Close to suicide

I was brought up in Australia until the age of 10, and during that time I went to church with my parents, attending youth groups and activities with my friends. I always believed that you went to heaven if you were a good person and

Forgiving the past

As a 51-year-old worldly-wise man, I have spent most of my life with little respect for men, nor had I developed many positive male relationships. My life has been transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus following my salvation five years ago. This change was