Single parent; new home, marriage and life

As a single parent I went through some really hard times and challenges. I had lived in a pregnancy hostel with my new born son, who was premature at birth. I stayed there for over a year until I was able to move to a council flat. It was ok at first – I had a lot of support from my family – but as the weeks and months rolled past I became increasingly aware of how difficult my neighbours downstairs were, playing music loudly at unsociable hours and smoking drugs. I went down stairs and asked them kindly on several occasions to keep the noise down; they didn’t want to listen to me so I got the Police involved. This caused them to become verbally agressive whenever they saw me. I began to feel like a prisoner in my own home. I became depressed and cried to God that my son and I could be moved somewehre else.

I wanted to do something to get out of my flat and also to learn more about God, so I saved up some money to attend Faith Works Bible College. This was the turning point of my life. I learnt more about Jesus, I started listening to more worship songs, reading more. I had two years of misery in my flat but still praised God and knew that I would be out of there, but didn’t know how or when. That was until a man in my Faith Works class befriended me, and now he is my husband! We live in a beautiful home with three beautiful children. God can do excedingly, abundantly, far above all things. I didn’t think I would get a husband, my prayer was to move out of where I was! Thank you, Jesus!