Serious condition healed

I became a Christian at a really early age and one thing that I have carried with me from as young as the age of 5 is the very conscious knowledge of Jesus Christ as MY great physician. I was born with a medical condition that meant I was very sickly as a child. With a Christian mother, however, I learnt quite early in life how to pray for my healing. Scriptures like Isaiah 53:5 and Malachi 4:2 were instilled in me. I read them as often as possible, believed them and declared them over my life.

As I grew older I realised how serious the condition should have been if not for Christ. Other people born with this same condition either had to have annual blood transfusions or they had to take daily medication. This did not guarantee a pain-free life and a lot of such people had recurring crises; most didn’t even make it to the age of 21.

I did start out taking medication daily but I got to a stage where my faith in God’s healing power became so strong that I declared I wouldn’t need the medication to remain in divine health. This was about 10 years ago. In the last 3 years that I have been in the United Kingdom, I have been to the hospital twice – once when I took a sick friend there and a second time when I had an infection on my toe.

My health remains my greatest testimony and it increases my faith in all other areas of life. The God who died and was resurrected for me has promised me abundant life, and I hold Him to His word.