Redundancy, to answered prayer

It was a year where I was back at home with my parents, due to a failed marriage. My dad was suffering from cancer that had returned and was now deemed ‘inoperable’; he would later die in the December of that year. My sisters’ husband, a pastor of a local church, had died in June from motor neurones disease, aged only 52. And in the July I faced redundancy!

I had never felt so low before. Alone, afraid, with nowhere and nobody to turn to! The fear of having no income and not being able to cover my debts was overwhelming. What was the point of going on?

The night before I went to receive my redundancy letter, I prayed a prayer I had never prayed before. I was on my knees in tears and I didn’t ask God or try to convince God; I demanded God did the miraculous and sort this mess out, for I knew I could not do this alone!

The next day, the day of my redundancy meeting, as I was about to walk into the room for my meeting, my phone vibrated with a text message. I went in and had the meeting and when the meeting was done and I had no job, I retreated to a waiting area to take a few moments to try and stay calm. I took a moment to look at my phone. The text read ‘check your emails……’

Upon checking them, I discovered an offer of an interview for a six-month contract doing exactly what I was already doing in another company. Today, I am still employed by that same company and have been for over four years. This, in my mind, without doubt, was a gift and answer to prayer from God; no ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’ involved. My prayer had been answered in such a specific way! I serve an awesome God who continues to bless my life every single day.