Redefining the good life

Four years ago I had, what I thought, was a good life. My wife and I had decent jobs and we have two great kids. I was also helping in the community and making progress with some life goals, like starting my own business. We had good levels of income, although we did spend all we earned and had done for years; we had also borrowed during crisis with the view we can meet the commitments and repay this, easily, later on. Despite this there was a knowledge that things could be better and I had been searching for this solution for some time.

We then, for the first time, came to Church as a family and accepted Jesus as our Saviour and, after doing this, we began to realise our life was built on foundations of sand, and things started to fall over. This started with the failure of my business, which created a real challenge to our financial situation. We also lost close relatives to cancer. At the same time our life was changing because of applying what we were learning from the Bible. The fact that we used biblical principles did not change things over night, but it certainly prevented us from having the big crash that could have occurred if we had not changed our lifestyle. We continue to learn and grow and are very excited by the future; we have improved our financial situation, significantly, and also improved our job situation by taking leaps of faith when new jobs were offered to us.

I have absolutely no doubt that our faith is the reason we are able to deal with the fall out from our past life, and that our redemption came by accepting God into our life 100%.