Pathway to redemption

God was always very real to me and He knocked loudly at my door throughout my childhood and adult years before, at the age of 30, I gave my life to Him. Throughout my unsaved years I have countless memories of Him very clearly speaking to me and of me falling to my knees in prayer; however, my journey to follow Him and become born again took many years of His continuous persistence and never giving up on me, until eventually two people acted as signposts to my redemption. They were not my redeemer but they were my pathway to redemption, and I am eternally grateful to them.

In the same way that I was of this world, living selfishly, sinfully, harmfully, I see so many other people around me – including my immediate family – who are lost, broken and with little or no hope, and what He has done for me He too will do for them. Although I don’t believe God intended me to be walking without Him for the amount of years that I did, I do believe He can and does use me to witness to others that through His sacrifice I am redeemed. I no longer carry around burdens of regret, the weight of strongholds and addictions, and the guilt and shame of a reckless lifestyle. My Lord bought me for a very real price and I intend to glorify Him for all my days.