Never too late

I was brought up to know of Jesus in a Christian household. At the age of 17 I ran away with a boyfriend, who was on the run from the police, from home to the Isle of Wight. My parents didn’t know if I was alive or dead for nearly a year. I got into drugs, smoking opium and weed, and living in a squat with a gang of skinheads. I informed on a drug dealer for prostituting his 15-year-old daughter, and because of this I was given a police escort off the island back home. But I had changed so much and seen so many different things; I couldn’t be the same person who had left.

I spent next couple of years taking acid, speed and smoking weed. After a brief relationship I fell pregnant at the age of 19. When my daughter was 1, I met Steve, a messed-up drug dealer. Until then I had only taken drugs for fun, but the next eight years were spent living a life of drugs and violence. He would regularly hit me, and because of him I was addicted to speed. I started working for a local Pre-School. This is were I really felt the love of God in my life, and recommitted to God! I completely changed. Steve gave his life to God and we started planning to get married. To everyone else we looked like everything was going well. But on the night before we were married he beat me up again. I didn’t tell anyone and just played along, making out everything was fine.

Over the next seven years we gradually slipped back into the cycle of drugs and violence. After one very bad time where I woke up with Steve headbutting me, I decided that enough was enough and got the police involved. On previous occassions I had always dropped the charges out of fear. But this time I saw it through – he was arrested and charged.

It was on a trip to Romania when I met Les, and he gave me the strength to finally divorce Steve. I was occasionally using speed at this time, but still using marijuana regularly to block out the pain of the violence. Les was completely against drug use, and told me we could not start a relationship if I was still using. So I stopped, just like that, but replaced it with going out drinking!

I was asked, a few years later, to come along to Family Church in Gosport. At the time I’d had a bottle of wine and it seemed like a good idea. The next day, even with a bad hangover, I went along. I rededicated my life back to God there and then, and I have not looked back.

God had a plan for me, but I kept walking away from Him. I can never thank Him enough for His continued grace and love; I just want to share it with everyone – it is never to late to come back to Him.