Living life with a new purpose

The day I let Jesus into my life was the day I started the best friendship of all time. I was overwhelmed by the force of it. I had no idea how much my life would change that day. A good friend of mine invited me to church. She didn’t once quote scripture to me and, in fact, we didn’t talk about God much at all.

I was such an angry person; not to others, but how I felt inside. I was always thinking – is this it! A violent relationship and one marriage behind me, I met a really loving man. At last, I had found my soul mate. We got married, and started a family.

Then things started to look black, everything turned on its head. I had just had my second baby. Both my parents were terminally ill. I had been caring for them, a busy toddler and a new baby. Cracks were starting to show. In quick succession, my son nearly died, my dad died then my mum. I could feel myself falling faster than I could cry out for help, and no-one could catch me. I was hearing voices and planning my death. It felt to me like it really was the best thing for everyone if I wasn’t around.

I had 5 months in a psychiatric unit. Everything changed: a part of me was lost. When I met my friend I was still on medication, and it all seemed so pointless. I was ready to be saved. It was amazing! I felt like I had come home. God grabbed me and said, “I will never let you go”. I could feel His strength, His love and His peace all over me.

My life is so amazing. I have a God who cares deeply about ME. I am not saying that bad stuff doesn’t happen, but I don’t need to go through it alone. I am living my life with a new purpose. It’s hard to explain the changes that happen inside of you. It’s like having a new you, a complete, fresh start.