Healed from Hodgkins Disease and memory loss

I was diognosed with Hodgkins Disease when our eldest daughter was born in 1982. Neither my husband or I were Christians and I became really angry with God – if He loved people so much then why was I suffering and facing this? I got through the radiotherapy  treatment, and carried on with my life.

We went on to have three more children and, in 1988, I was diagnosed with Enchephalitis, a virus that affects the tissues surrounding my brain, and I lost my memory for three months. Once recovered I received an invite to go to church with my mum. I didn’t want to go, but went out of a sense of duty because they had been praying for me. I gave my life to Jesus at that service.

The cancer returned and I asked to be prayed for. I dreamt that night that a man had taken my disease, and I somehow knew it was Jesus. After checking with my doctor, I didn’t need the treatment prescribed, as I was completely healed – praise God!