From religion to relationship

I was brought up a Catholic, but I never had a personal relationship with God, or even knew I could! Growing up my Dad was always very strict and not outwardly affectionate and, at 15 years of age, I believed that he didn’t love me. I felt like I wasn’t understood by my Mum either.

I became hurt and hard-hearted. I looked for attention and wanting to belong in the wrong places. I started smoking, drinking and also taking drugs. I got involved with the wrong people and soon the drugs started to take over my life, so much so that I lost myself and became a shadow of myself. I messed up my A-Levels which resulted in me getting kicked out of home. I lived in some horrible places, knowing there was more to my life. I eventually moved back home and went to College. During this time I didn’t have a lot of friends and my life was rubbish.

My Nan gave me a Daily Devotional book, which was key in me turning to God. One day I was so unhappy with my life, I cried out to Jesus and after this I found myself repenting to God for all my past sin. I then had an encounter with God. While I was sleeping, a picture of Jesus was so bright that I could not keep my eyes shut. I remember being jolted upright in my bed – speaking in tongues – something that I had never even heard of!

I finished College and went to University in Liverpool. I went to churches but hadn’t encountered God again, until a friend invited me to her church. It was here that, in worship, I encountered God as we sang about His love. It was being a part of this church (Frontline Church) that I was restored and transformed. I now know how loved I am, and I have a wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl. Also, the relationship with my parents and sisters is better than it’s ever been. I have seen two of my younger sisters come to know God as well, which is awesome. Praise God!