Finding the reality of God

I was practically born into church, but the highlight for me was not God – no, the highlight was the pink wafers found on the biscuit plate at the end of the service! I knew God was there, somewhere, but He was more like a distant king in a fairytale than a reality in my life.

When I was eight I spoke to God one night. I asked forgiveness for all the bad things I’d ever done and thanked Him for the cross. In my childish way I understood what I’d prayed but it took another 7 years to really find God for myself. At the age of 15, I’d been at a cross roads for a while, on the edge of chucking in the whole ‘church thing’ and following my mates into all the fun-looking stuff  the world was offering. However, that summer I was at a Christian youth camp where they showed a film about the love of God. I still remember that moment when the reality of what God did for me hit me. I would liken it to eating dark chocolate for years without tasting it and then finally tasting it – bitter sweet! I didn’t really know about ‘visions’ but that night I saw a big hand reach towards me and Jesus coming towards me. I knew that before me was a choice.

And I look back on that night now, and I thank God for ten years of journeying with Him. Ten years of grace and delight, ten years of getting through tough stuff, like an uncle’s murder. Ten years of getting through little stuff, like one harsh comment. Ten years of adventure and purpose, ten years of God being the highlight of my life (although I do still occasionally enjoy a pink wafer!).