Finding a place to fit in

Around this time last year, I was a mess. I felt depressed all the time to the point I was convinced I had a mental illness and asked my mum to take me to the doctor. She would never let me because she knew it was all in my head.  I hated my school because I felt like I had no friends and my motivation to study just wasn’t there. Also, I got fed up with my parents fighting all the time. Between the months of January and May, nothing got better and sometimes I would sit in my room feeling alone, even having suicidal thoughts. The only things keeping me strong were my friends on Twitter.

During my GCSE exam period, my friend asked me if I wanted to join him at our local church youth group. I decided to go (even though the last time I went there I felt I didn’t fit in), to see if I could do something with myself to stop being sad and alone. That night I had so much fun and realised that here is where I needed to be and there were people to look out for me. Within three weeks I had prayed the prayer that saved me and changed my life. I let Jesus in to my life and since then I have never stopped feeling God’s presence and my life has improved so much.

I now go to college, I fit in. At my youth group, I fit in. I have even started going to church and everyone there is so friendly and it’s a great place to be on a Sunday. Before I let Jesus into my life I was shy and let people walk all over me, but now my confidence has grown so much! Not everything has been perfect, of course, but the times I felt down I knew I just had to pray and trust in Him. It works!