Finances restored

Two years ago I stepped into a casino for the first time. I guess it was curiosity that led me inside. I was already a well-established Christian and was serving every weekend at Church, and was in charge of a team. The first time I spent money on a bet I won and this thrill led me to continue gambling for the next 1½ years. I became thousands of pounds in debt, as well as having spent my Great Nan’s inheritance. I was spending 5-6 nights a week in a casino and couldn’t get out. After a while, it didn’t matter whether I had won or lost, I left feeling lower than ever.

I went home most nights feeling angry, upset, tired and confused as to why God wasn’t healing me of this addiction and why I couldn’t beat the odds. My faith was never tested during this season; however, my mind was tested to the max.

In April 2013 I had a motorbike accident which destroyed my bike. Shortly After, I attended a conference in Sheffield and mid worship I realised that everyone else around me had a miracle to tell, but not me. That night I prayed, “God, I too want a story of my own. I want to tell people what you’ve done for me, instead of living from other peoples testimonies”. I felt God answer, “I need you to step up and be the son I called you to be”. This wasn’t a commandment, it was an opportunity and I felt free. I went to the casino twice after this and felt completely out of place. I didn’t belong there anymore, and since then I’ve never been back.

I still go to church and raise my hands to Him every day; the same hands that used to gamble. Why? Because I realised that every time I left the casino, God had forgiven me. My slate isn’t just clean, Jesus took my slate and gave me His untouched slate. I realise now that I am redeemed.

Since then, I received an insurance payout from my motorbike accident. It pays off my debt, plus enough to restore the inheritance I had spent. God has given back over and above what the enemy stole, and in Him I will continue to trust.