Fight for healthy body

We’d been praying for six years for a new kidney, and in mid-January I was called into QA hospital as I was to receive the long-awaited kidney. From the moment I was returned to the ward the doctors were amazed at the performance of the kidney, and I even got to go home early.

But two months later I was rushed back in for a bowel obstruction and a perforated bowel. I was poisoning myself from the inside. Several operations later, and three visits to ICU, I felt the prayers again, and I had the same team as for my kidney operation looking after me. I even had nurses from my church watching over me! My three children were amazing during that whole time – they where called in six times to say goodbye, but God’s resurrection power saved me each time. I cried out to God on at least three occasions to take me home to heaven, and then the next day I would be sitting up and feel whole again.

Throughout this time the kidney kept steady. My memory is vague about the whole time, but I remember the sense of prayers being lifted up for me, and the support of family and my church pastors. Recovery is still on-going, but I have already exceeded the time-plan of the medical team