Broken teenager, restored

I came to know God as a young teenager after my dad had persuaded me to come to church. I had grown up too fast and tried things your shouldn’t have at that age! I smoked, drank, had tried drugs and was dating people way above my own age. I was severely depressed and, after a particular drinking session, I was rushed tohospital and resuscitated. After that moment in my life I began cutting myself and having suicidal thoughts.

So when my dad continued to pester me I decided there was nothing to lose in coming to church. The day I walked into Family Church I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I came to know God at a youth club, and I was supported by the youth leaders at the time. My addictions took a while to shake off but, as I came closer to God, my desire for them began to fade. God redeemed my trust in people and gave me peace. This peace made drinking seem stupid, now that I didn’t have to impress anyone! This peace took hold of my anxiety and eased it, making smoking less appealing! The more I came to know God the more I realised I was cherished and loved beyond compare, that I could be a new creation and start afresh!

It has been hard, and I’ve had to lose some so-called ‘friends’ along the way who didn’t want me to change. Redemption has brought me from that broken 13 year old to a woman of God! I now have a role in my church that I could never have dreamed of, a career, a husband, a mortgage, a purpose and peace about God’s plan for my life!

Amy, 24