Broken free from gambling

I was in a troubled, sad time in my life, desperately searching for someone or something. My marriage had fallen apart when my wife left me. On reflection I see now that she realised that life without me would be better; we had financial difficulties, massive debts that were mainly due to my gambling problem, which she was not fully aware of. I never had any money, and we had never even spoken about having a family. That was around 2005.

Then I met a friend at work (who would later become my wife!). We got talking about life and making wrong choices. So much of what she said made sense. I asked her why she thought this way and she told me about God.

Not long later I went to church for the first time, and ended up giving my life to God. Fast forward to now, and I am a living story of redemption. I have my own home, I am free from my gambling addiction, I have a fantastic wife, two beautiful kids and a great family.

More than all of this, though, I have hope, confidence and security. I can’t imagine my life without God; all I know is, it wouldn’t be good! I have been promoted twice at work since beginning my relationship with God, and right now I believe God is preparing me for life outside the Armed Forces. I am extremely excited about what He wants to do through me, our church and my family and friends.

Graham, 38