A brand new life

My story starts in Italy: a nice house, a beautiful marriage and a perfect job at the airport.

I had not been feeling well and my doctor diagnosed me with stage 4 breast cancer (stage 5, you’re dead). I had two years of special treatment brought in from America. Two days after my diagnosis my now ex-husband became a stranger to me. He made me sleep in a little room, saying that I’m not well and I disturb him. I have to battle for my life on my own and with Jesus.

The devil had taken everything: my health, my marriage, my job and my house. My life was completely in Gods hands. I suffered terribly, asking Jesus to heal me everyday so I can start a new life.

My ex-husband went on a holiday to Brazil, leaving me behind, and came back saying that he is in love with another woman. He started to use hard drugs and physically abused me, hospitalising me on one occasion. He sent me away with one little case to look for a house, while I was still very ill.

My treatment finished and Jesus had healed me. My new fantastic life started when I met a lady called Sally who invited me to her house for dinner. She said some friends visiting with her from England. There I met a charming Englishman called Mark, and we fell in love – the best gift in my life! Two months later I moved to England, and after another eight months I married him. I’m so happy, so blessed. God gave me back everything: my life, my health, my husband, my house and my  job.

This is my redemption. God is good.