As we travel around the globe we find that there is a great amount of need. We believe that God has imprinted on His church the desire to meet this need in any way we can.

The need falls into two categories:

  • Humanitarian need, meaning the need that exists in the here and now;
  • Spiritual need, which is a need that will affect eternity.

Our heart is to cater for both. This is where you come in.

We have identified a ‘here and now’ need in the Philippines, on the Island of Bacolod.

We have found a village called St Andy’s. The village has been heavily affected by the monsoon making many people homeless, or at least causing great damage to their homes and livelihoods.

Since October 2013 we have managed to complete our first building that will house four families and provide a secure place for the villagers to go for shelter in future monsoons.

St Andy’s rebuilding project

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The way things work here is that the villagers rely heavily on sugar-cane and rice fields which takes up to six months to grow, so for half the year there is no harvest, which means there is no income.

Due to people’s giving, we have been able to not only build homes for four families but also provide sewing machines. This now enables the villagers to not only gain a useful trade but also it is a means of income for the remaining six months of the year.

Please watch the video below:

Bunk House, Cadiz

Since October 2013 we have managed to accomplish a great deal, but there is much still to be done. This is one village, in one town, on one island in the Philippines. Please partner with us to increase what we are able to accomplish. We have no doubt that with your help we will be able to rebuild entire communities!

So What’s Next?

Welcome to Tiglawigan

This building was completely destroyed. It was the local church and community centre. The woman that lived here has also lost her home.

Our desire is to build another safe place for people to come and stay when disaster hits again.

Please partner with us to make this desire a reality and give this faithful woman her home back so she can continue to meet the needs of her community.

£20,000 will be enough to make this a reality and completely recreate this hub of influence and safety for many people.

We have purchased the land, so now we need to build the community centre/church.

What About When That’s Done?

Good question and I am glad you asked!

One of the major issues faced in Philippines is child abuse.

There are children all over the country that need a home, a place of safety. It is a common occurrence for girls around 12 year-old to be having their second child after being sold to their uncles so their fathers can fuel their alcohol addictions. Or children, who have such low self-worth, selling themselves for 20p – 30p!!!

This has to stop! Children that are being sold, trafficked, beaten and abused need to be saved from this hell. We cannot stand by, knowing this is happening without doing something about it.

Please help us. We are in the very early stages of planning the construction of a home that will house these girls, these beautiful children, so that they can have not only a home but a place of safety and refuge, possibly even a family of people who will support them and protect them.

Ray & Sarah Mills paid a visit to the new building in 2014 – here is a selection of photos from their trip.