Forgiving the past

As a 51-year-old worldly-wise man, I have spent most of my life with little respect for men, nor had I developed many positive male relationships. My life has been transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus following my salvation five years ago.

This change was partly as a result of watching my Christian family and friends battle with issues in their lives over many years, and regularly taking their situations to God. This taught me that I cannot overcome difficulties in my own strength, but by including Jesus in my decisions, my personal journey of faith and consistency of behaviour has improved dramatically. My sense of purpose and quality of male friendships is now more positive and forward thinking, less self-centred. I am constantly learning to trust God, wait on His timing, and increase the time and quality of my Bible study and prayer life. I have become reconciled to my own father and forgiven the behaviour which greatly affected me as a child. As I spend more and more time around Christians I am provided with examples of how to live my own life, constantly challenging myself over areas of sin and habits gained over my secular lifetime.

Praise is all to God for the exciting journey I am now on with my own Christian family and church.